What Does Love Mean to You?

Is it the love between a parent and a child? Is it the unconditional love between an owner and a pet?

Or is it a connection between two souls?

How about self love? Where does it fit in your life?

Pay attention to yourself. Give to yourself. Love yourself. Make a mindful effort to give something to yourself each day.

If you have mercy on yourself then you can have mercy on others. Practice self forgiveness, and mercy then you can initiate and extend your forgiveness to others.

Remember: “You cannot give what you do not have”. Sometimes people get carried away with just giving, helping, and doing for others. Often this comes with the price of forgetting that giving begins with self giving, and self love.

Using the analogy of a bank account: If you always withdraw, without making any deposits, you will overdraw sooner or later (burnout, become ill or resentful) So how are you going to make deposits into your account?

Here are some simple suggestions:

➢ Take a nice walk connecting with nature around you.

➢ Enjoy reading a special book.

➢ Meditate daily.

➢ Pray daily.

➢ Use a gratitude journal, and write daily entries of the blessings you are grateful for.

➢ Treat yourself to a relaxing facial or massage.

➢ Say nice things to yourself during your constant self talk.

➢ Take some time off from work.

➢ Recognize and rejoice in the amazing creation that you are.

These are just some simple ways to make deposits into your life enhancing account.

When a person is happy, feels love and compassion for all and is at peace with life, their cells have different hormones which work together with the body to ward off negative influences and help maintain a healthy environment. At a recent conference on Health, Aging and Longevity in Brisbane, Professor Marc Cohen [Founding Professor of Complimentary Medicine at RMIT Melbourne] said that love is a prime cause for a long, high quality life. He added that, “There is increasing clinical evidence that enjoying loving activities will help prolong life.” That is, love whatever you are doing because if you can’t or don’t love your work or your life it could literally be making you sick! The power to change is within you. Also any day, any time is the right time.

Fortunately you have the power within you to change anger into assertiveness, motivation and responsibility; fear into courage and alertness; anxiety and worry into compassion and contentment; and hate and despair into love, joy and passion for life. Instead of holding onto negative emotions you also have the power to surrender to growth and to trust life.

The question is how to effect the change?

The first thing you need to know is that there are both balanced and imbalanced emotions. The second thing you need to know is that whether you choose the balanced or the imbalanced expression, it is entirely under your control. Yes, this is the hard part, but it is not impossible. Begin by becoming aware of the imbalances you experience one day at a time, then by using the power of your mind, choose not to be victimized by your own emotions.

For many years now, people such as Louise Hay, Wayne Dyer, Deepak Chopra and Caroline Myss have been saying that changing your thoughts, beliefs and patterns of thinking can change virtually everything about your lives, from improving health and slowing aging to having abundance and happy relationships.

It’s empowering to know that you are love. You are power. You are the living manifestation of Divine world changing love essence.

If you need help in re-connecting with some of the healing life giving parts of yourself call our office for an appointment to experience the NASA technology of: The Evox to unblock, release and re-align any patterns of imbalance within. Lemire Clinic: 352-291-9459. www.lemireclinic.com

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