The Meaningful Gift of Health

Here we are again. The holiday shopping season is upon us. The sale flyers try to lure you in with their announcement of the “lowest prices of the season!” The lights and decorations everywhere are sending the same message. Many people, out of necessity, have had to cut back on their holiday gift list. Many are completely re-thinking what type of gift they give. People want to give more practical and more truly meaningful gifts.

How about giving the gift of health? It sounds like a cliché, but health really is a gift. If your loved ones (or yourself) are in poor health, what does all the other “stuff” really matter anyway? It’s hard to enjoy that latest electronic gadget or wear the latest fashions, if you feel too lousy to use it or go anywhere. And who needs more trinkets to clean around and cause stressful clutter??

First give the gift of health to yourself. That might sound like a different concept, and to some even “selfish”. However we cannot give to others what we do not have ourselves.

Think of the concept of paying it forward. Whether you want a healthier lifestyle yourself or want to give the gift of encouraging healthier habits in others, here are some gifts giving ideas.

Good health isn’t a right; you have to work for it. What you eat and how you conduct your life every day contributes to the type of health you will enjoy now and for years to come. The best way to start building a more healthful future is to start curtailing bad habits today. If you or someone you love smokes, is overweight or otherwise just clueless about eating right to feel great, you can change their future for the better and potentially even save their lives by getting them to take personal responsibility for their physical future. That is a truly meaningful gift that can show your love and concern for them.

  • Stop smoking — The American Cancer Society projects that half of Americans who smoke will eventually die as a result of the habit. From hypnosis to other stop-smoking aids, there are resources available that will make quitting easier than it was even five years ago. Smokers have a better chance of quitting with support and encouragement, so give the gift of becoming a “stop-smoking cheerleader” for someone you love. toxins from your body and your home goes a long way toward healthful living.
  • Start moving — Take your favorite couch potato for a brisk walk, and suggest some form of regular exercise. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) recommends 150 minutes of moderately intense aerobic exercise weekly for adults. Give them the gift of your company on these walks and give the benefits to yourself as well.
  • Achieve a healthy weight — Diet plays a big part in good health. If someone you love is overweight, it can be a touchy issue, but there are some ways to approach the weight topic. Offer to participate in a lifestyle changing program with them. It’s so much easier to accomplish when you have a buddy to support you along the way. As part of a general health regimen, spring for a visit to a nutrition consultant or personal trainer. Your loved one may take a few suggestions better from a professional. Learn about quality nutritional supplements and healthful eating habits that you need to really help your loved ones and yourself accomplish your goals of feeling great.
  • Reach out in service to others. According to the founder of positive psychology, Martin Seligman, the most effective strategy for giving yourself a boost of heartfelt joy is to perform an act of kindness for another person. In fact, making a meaningful difference in the lives of others has proved to be what defines people who are able to achieve the highest levels of happiness.

Receiving help can provide the inspiration that prevents a person from lapsing into despair and instead enables them to continue making the effort until they’re able to succeed.

Remember that a profound meaningful gift does not need to be tangible. Sometimes a smile, a touch, eye contact, a hug can go a long way into reaching someone else’s heart in a powerful life nourishing way.

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