For a long period of time I was over-weight, had pains in my lower back, right hip, and legs. I got medical help, but after a few weeks the pains and discomfort was back. I was advised to see Nuris Lemire, a practitioner of the Lemire Clinic. She quickly assessed my problem, started me on a low calorie and reduced fat diet, and exercise routine.

I am now maintaining a healthy weight, most of the pains are gone, my blood pressure and blood sugar are under control, and most important I am now taking 50% less medication since she has treated me.

I hereby recommend the services of Mrs Nuris Lemire to anyone who is serious about their health and well being.


I became a patient of the Lemire Clinic approximately two and a half years ago when I decided my medical and health concerns were not being appropriately met or permanently resolved by the physician I was seeing at that time. My instincts told me that continuing as a patient of a physician who bases his medical advice and prescribed regimen for me on simply ingesting prescription synthetic drugs for the rest of my life would only camouflage those symptoms and not truly identify the etiology of my ailments and effectively resolve them.

So, by word of mouth and on-line research, I found the Lemire Clinic. This clinic not only followed a similarly held health care philosophy, but also provided the type of integrative services and assistance for which I had been seeking. Through the Lemire Clinic, not only was I able to be educated about the whys and wherefores concerning my overall health condition, but also be provided with the necessary tools to use, and steps to follow, to regain and maintain good health.

I am grateful to the Lemire Clinic for incorporating the use of a battery of assessments such as the Spectracell Test, the Nutritional Live Blood Analysis and a Bio-Meridian testing instrument, in addition to the traditional blood lab tests, to identify the deficiencies and irregularities in my nutrition, digestion, oxygen levels and individual organ functioning. By compiling and utilizing the results of all these assessments, a more realistic and appropriate health regimen was able to be designed and advised to meet my specific needs.

I am most indebted, however, to Nuris Lemire, for her caring and structured guidance, her endless knowledge, her infinite wisdom and her steadfast support in counseling me about my nutritional needs. Her candid observations and assessments, and advice and prescribed plans of action when addressing my weight problem, my sluggish bowels, my nutrient deficiencies, my lethargy and my unhealthy eating habits, has always been right on target for me, which ultimately resulted in resolving my issues. Whatever supplies or procedures Nuris recommended I use or pursue for improving my health and well being, she made sure I was provided easy access to the necessary resources whether it be the needed nutritional supplements, a blood-glucose monitor kit or a series of colon hydrotherapy treatments.

All of Nuris’ educational seminars and raw food/green smoothie demonstrations/socials (each one complimentary and held during after-work hours) have been quite invaluable and fitting towards teaching me how to take charge of my own medical and nutritional needs, confidently and correctly.


A letter of gratitude to Dr. & Nuris Lemire and staff for excellent care given to me.

I had been struggling with Fibromyalgia and anxiety for a long time. Dr. Lemire & have changed my life from painful & unhappy to a pain free, healthy and happier one. Changing my diet has made a world of difference. I thought I could not get through this, but with Nuris’ encouragement and help, I have made it. A wheat, gluten, dairy, and sugar free diet has made a tremendous change in my body. I no longer have the pain and have lost 25 excess pounds. As other issues arise, they are here to help.

I would encourage anyone that has been suffering with pain and other issues to seek professional help from Lemire Clinic. They deal with the whole person; body, mind & spirit.

Thank you!!!

My husband has stage 4 melanoma and will not take chemotherapy, so he searched for alternate ways to fight it. We realize that the alternate treatments will not cure the cancer, but make your body better able to cure itself. This is what we were searching for and it is working. It has been close to 2 years and he is still feeling well, and has not had to suffer the damage to his body that chemo causes.


I have been bothered by a painful foot for five years. I have two fractures in that foot that would not heal. After numerous visits to specialists, the “best” advice I received was to have surgery to “clean out” the debris and have pins/plates and possible artificial joints placed. The surgery would mean loss of work as well as social time. I am an active person and this was a huge concern of mine. Also, the loss of work would mean loss of income.

I attended a seminar at the Lemire Clinic, which I do as often as possible, and a demonstration about a procedure using magnetic therapy was discussed. I mentioned my foot issue and after talking to Nuris, I immediately decided to make an appointment for therapy. I have had 5 treatments and I know my foot is healing. I am able to walk without limping and that allows my body to be in good alignment. Walking with a limp and favoring my foot had caused hip and back muscle aches. My back hurts less as well as my hips.

I have learned about nutrition, supplements, different therapies to heal my body and to keep myself well and they were all obtained in a kind, professional atmosphere.

Dr. Lemire is a doctor that believes in complete wellness, mind, body and spirit. His office staff is a continuum of the professional ambiance always making it a pleasure to walk in to this clinic.

I now know that the “best” advice is to visit the Lemire Clinic. Doctor Lemire and his staff will provide the best medical care you could ever need.