(50 minutes)


Is the safe alternative to acid peels and lasers…with amazing results and without the side effects. After one session the skin will be substantially smoother, and after consistent sessions, Microdermabrasion can actually reduce fine lines, hyper pigmentation and scarring.The skin’s top layer is gently but deeply exfoliated without irritating the skin. The result of a single treatment is an immediate reduction in minor surface imperfections caused by the sun, age or acne, leaving your skin smoother and rejuvenated. Series recommended.

Dramatic Results

(60 Minutes)


This delightfully soothing facial helps restore moisture loss in sun weary, mature, environmentally-challenged skin. Enjoy invigorating cleansing, gentle exfoliation, a facial massage, and a hydrating mask that restores, lifts and firms the skin. Potent moisturizers finish this therapy for moist and beautifully refreshed skin.

Individual Custom Facial

(50 minutes)


This treatment is customized for your unique needs. Homeopathic remedies combined with herbal extracts, high concentrations of Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA) and essential oils of rose, geranium and chamomile are just a few of the choices. Relax as a hand, and shoulder massage complete this unique therapy. For lasting results, we help you plan an easy home care regimen designed for your needs and busy schedule.

Deep Pore Cleansing Facial

(50 minutes)


A combination of ancient and cutting edge therapies! This clarifying facial deeply cleanses and exfoliates, reviving skin to its natural condition. Aerobic oxygen brings new life to cells. A glacial clay mask draws out toxins while anti-bacterial extracts of tea tree and lavender leave skin purified and refreshed. Also includes a hand & arm treatment for dry skin. Recommended on a monthly basis for proper skin care.

Gentleman’s Hot Towel Facial

(50 minutes)


Herbal Hot Towel facial, deep cleansing exfoliation, massage, and toning mask.

Hand & Arm Specialized Treatment

(30 minutes)


Warm paraffin wax, deep moisturizing massage. Helps to stimulate blood flow, relax tired bones and muscles along with hydrating dry skin.

Facial Waxing

starting at


Body Waxing

starting at


Sports Massage

(1 hour)


On site Pre and Post Event massage will be offered.

Qi Shiatsu

(1 hour)


This massage is a combination of QI Gong and Shiatsu. This type of body work is a technique of balancing QI flow through the body along the QI channels using Shiatsu to help achieve the bodies proper balance which in turn speeds up recover time.

Neuromuscular Therapy

(1 hour)


Neuromuscular is a type of body work that addresses Trigger Points or TPs. Neuromuscular detective work focuses on relieving the TPs at the cause of the pain elsewhere. Kurashova(30 min)


Treatment Modalities for Fibromyalgia and Headaches, This Russian Medical Massage called Kurashova [KURD] re-education tm, and will relieve some of those pains that normal treatments leave behind. Sessions are usually 30 minute massages twice a week.

Anakiri Sea Salt Mineral Scrub

(30 mins)


Exfoliate tissue and increase circulation for a radiant glow. Enjoy sun-infused body oils and rich sea derived minerals to hydrate, invigorate and soften skin. Anakiri Sea Salt Scrub is an excellent add-on service to one of our therapeutic massages.

Therapeutic massage

(1 hour)


Great for stress reduction and also helps the body heal from injury. It helps both our circulatory and lymphatic systems. It not only feels great but helps gets the body into “healing mode”. The benefits last long after the massage is over. A monthly massage goes a long way towards maintaining a healthy body. Lymphatic and Therapeutic massage services offered.

Foot Detox

Ionic Foot Bath Detoxification Therapy assists in restoring energy and facilitating detoxification through the skin, which is the second largest detoxifying system in our body. Ionic Foot Bath Detoxification Therapy is a very simple, safe and effortless way to help detoxify the body.

(20-30 minutes)

Series of 3 $100
or $35 each


Colon Hydrotherapy is a safe, therapeutic process administered by a State Licensed Colon Therapist. Colon Hydrotherapy uses filtered, temperature controlled water for inner cleansing of the entire colon-our large intestine.

(1 hour)

Series of 3 $220
or $80 each

Colonics with Oxygen

Learn about the benefits of adding oxygen with your colonic.

(1 hour)

Series of 3 $275
or $100 each