Homotoxicology is a branch of medicine used widely around the world, and now experiencing significant growth in the United homotoxicologyStates. It has two foundational beliefs that differ slightly from the traditional allopathic medicine taught in U.S. medical schools. It believes that:

  • Most illness comes from invasion of the body by foreign toxins (e.g. bacteria, virus, chemical pollutants, heavy metal toxins, etc.), which require special treatment protocols to rid the body of them.
  • Treatment protocols should be designed to address the original cause of the illness, rather than just the symptoms (e.g. stop the fever). Some would say that homotoxicology works toward a permanent cure for the illness.

Typically, treatment protocols in homotoxicology include primarily natural remedies that deliver fewer and less severe side effects when compared to pharmaceutical drugs. Homotoxicology is strongly recommended for those patients who have not responded well to traditional pharmaceutical drug protocols, or who want to rely on more natural remedies when dealing with illness.

At Lemire Clinic, Zyto Technology is used as an important tool when determining which specific diagnostic and therapeutic protocols are best for a particular patient.

If you are interested in more information about Homotoxicology, please feel free to discuss it with the doctor.