IV Infusion Therapy


Vitamin C

Vitamin C, who’s scientific name is ascorbic acid, is remarkably free of any side effects. It is unquestionably the highest antioxidant nutrient and supplement that is available today. Vitamin C therapy has been able to contribute to the healing of many common infectious diseases, including some deemed incurable such as:

  • Hepatitis
  • Cardiovascular Disease
  • Chicken Pox
  • Shingles / Herpes Infections
  • Cancer
  • Viral Pneumonia
  • Influenza
  • AIDS
  • The Common Cold
  • Alcohol Intoxification
  • Carbon Monoxide Poisoning
  • Pesticides
  • Radiation
  • Venoms (snake bites)

The use of properly dosed vitamin C within a comprehensive treatment protocol can also eliminate the need for many vaccinations and toxic prescription medicines.

Vitamin C is the treatment of choice for many potentially fatal toxins and other toxic medical conditions that poison the body, for which no effective treatments presently exist.

This makes vitamin C the ideal treatment for many infectious diseases that also produce highly toxic poisons and the associated toxic by-products of some microbial metabolism.

High dose vitamin C infusion, when used as an adjunct therapy to proper diet, will aid the body in reducing and even reversing many diseases.

Research shows that the astonishingly high levels achievable only by IVC not only help fight the risk of infection and the pain of metastases, they actually aid in the defeat of the cancer cells themselves, through a very elegant mechanism that does no harm to healthy cells. It’s a discovery that the medical world is only beginning to discover.

Reference: Vitamin C, Infectious Diseases, & Toxins Curing The Incurable Thomas E. Levy MD,JD