What is Bioenergetics?

‘Bio-Energetics’ as it is currently used today is loosely defined to include a number of different ‘energy medicine’ and ‘hands on’ modalities, used to assist people toward optimal health & well-being. It has come to our attention that this term is also widely used to define several other disciplines, some far removed from the work we do, but, for our purposes, we are referencing the subtle, very low energy that functions as a signalling mechanism for our body’s processes.

Every cell in our body is ‘linked’ to every other cell via this energy. Cellular life is sustained by tightly regulating the functions of the cell’s physiologic systems. Through a process known as electro-conformational coupling, resonant vibrational energy fields can alter the balance of charges in a protein. In a harmonic energy field, receptors will change their conformation. Consequently, membrane receptors respond to both physical and energetic environmental information.

The body could be compared to a machine, in that it is made of many different, important parts that require forms of energy to function. In a man-made machine, the energy usually comes in the form of electricity that travels from an outside source like a wall outlet, through circuitry we call wiring, to the different parts that make the machine function. The human body differs from the man-made machine in that it generates its own energy from inside, but is similar in that the electrical energy travels through circuitry called ‘meridians’ to the different parts of the body we call organs.

If there is anything wrong with the circuitry or important parts of a man-made machine it will not function properly, and sometimes, not at all. The body is similar in that if there is something wrong with the meridians or attached organs they are wired to, then the body won’t function properly. When this occurs in the human body, the person either doesn’t feel well or may have disease which could threaten the body’s ability to continue to function.

Our testing procedures can also supplement other steps by your doctor to help better understand whether your health is being affected by sensitivities to a very wide range of substances from foods to certain things in the environment. This form of testing includes the ability to determine whether you are incompatible with any medicines or supplements you may be taking.

Finally, this vital energy analysis can be a key step in the overall protocol for selecting homotoxicology remedies that may be used in place of pharmaceutical drugs to treat illness.

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