Are You Digging Your Grave With Your Fork?

Every day we hear of a new “magic” solution to the clamors of a way to look better, lose weight, eliminate wrinkles, etc.
Billions of dollars are spent in this search. Most often the results fall short of the expectations.

How many items have you purchase that promised one thing or another?

How many diets have you tried? Diets do not work…..Lifestyle changes do!

What are some of the basic principles for lifestyle changes?
1. Proper nutrition
2. Exercise
3. Sleep patterns
4. Stress management.
5. Detox

At this time we will focus on nutrition and the four principles of healthy eating.

Eat primitive.
Until about 150 yrs ago, humans were eating consistently, very simple. The main diet consisted of: roots and fruits, greens and beans, seeds and weeds plus some fish or wild game. The Industrial Revolution changed this with modern food processing. Refining, stripping food of nutrients, and adding man made fillers. The modern diet is quite different: meats and sweets, pies and fries, chips and dips, cakes and shakes.

Eat alkaline
Acid – alkaline balance is key to health. Studies are asking to consume about 80% alkaline (plant-based foods) and 20% acid (animal foods). Dr. William Howard Hay, physician who wrote at the turn of the century, How to Always Be Well
said, “Intracellular pH at about 7.3 and we strive. Anything less and the body is moving towards disease and death.” Dr. Robert Young, a microbiologist says: “Striking the optimum 80/20 balance can result in dramatic healthy weight loss, rebuilt stamina….and vibrant health.”

Alkaline (80%): usually fresh fruits and vegetables. The more they are cooked the more acid they become.
Acid (20%): proteins like meat, fish, milk, eggs and poultry, fats, grains, pasta & sugars.

What does the Standard American Diet (S.A.D.) look like in comparison?
Breakfast…cereal and milk, bagel cheese, coffee, bacon and eggs, IS ALL ACID!
Lunch: sandwich of meat or cheese, slice of pizza, hamburger on a bun, fried foods or drive through.
Dinner: meat and potatoes, spaghetti and meatballs, chicken and rice…….maybe a few string beans.
ALL ACID. Eating this way every day, every year……….Any wonder people are sick???

All the different diagnosis and diseases present in the population really come down to:
One Sickness: Over acidification of the body, due to diet and lifestyle choices.
One Health: Alkalanization. Humans are designed to be alkaline. Shift to alkaline, decrease inflammation in the blood and tissues.

  • 75% of all cancer are diet related.
  • Cancer is a symptom of a breakdown of body chemistry.
  • 80% of all cancer cases are related to life-style.
  • 70% of all cancer can be avoided. (National Cancer Institute)
  • 20 million children are obese.
  • 50% of children born in 2000 will have type 2 diabetes by age 30.
  • 80% of US deaths are diet related.
  • Up to 80% of coronary heart disease / up to 90% of type 2 diabetes could be avoided through changing lifestyle factors (World Health Organization 2007 Report)

Eat colorful
How? By eating loads of fresh fruits and vegetables.
Fruits and veg. get their color from CAROTENOIDS, these play 2 roles. (1). They boost the immune function. (2). Powerful antioxidants, to get rid of free radicals E.g.: one carotene is LYCOPENE found in red foods like tomatoes and beets. These pack a punch against prostate cancer. They also are rich in FIBER. (fiber, binds up and escorts out cancer-producing hormones and chemicals. Ideally should consume about 50 grams of fiber daily. Most are consuming less than 5gms.

Dr. Richard Dubois, MD Chief of Internal Medicine at Atlanta Med. Center and top authority on infectious diseases, after 4,500 studies says: “whole fruits and vegetables specifically prevent cancer.” Andrew Weil, MD, stated: “A diet high in fruits and vegetables are associated with a lower risk of 15 types of cancer. E.g.: colon, breast, cervix, and lung.”

Eat organic
Organic, means more than what is left out….
It means what is left in….
Especially minerals. In comparison one organic tomato contains 1,938 parts per million of iron vs. a conventional tomato which has 1part per million. According to what I have learned, and the many doctors I use as references, using these principles, will help you prevent cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and many other illnesses; they will help you maintain a healthy weight and feel vibrant and alive into your golden years.

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  1. I understand the change your lifestyle, although I realize how difficult it is also. Just do it, has a way of
    togo, in this matter. Wish me and my wife luck on this matter, please. We well attempt it again.

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